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[Bug 521324] cil.mli is missing from ocaml-cil-devel

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--- Comment #1 from Jerry James <loganjerry gmail com>  2009-10-22 18:03:47 EDT ---
I took another look at this today, because I finally got my CIL-consuming app
working on F-12 and it would be nice to have it buildable on F-11.  I noticed
that a number of files are byte-compiled only; there is no native version. 

  make RELEASE=1

fixes that.  But that didn't solve the problem of the missing cil.mli.  It
turns out that NONE of the *.mli files in src are copied over to obj/$archos by
the build rules.  It should be sufficient to change the ocamlfind invocation in
%install to this:

  ocamlfind install cil META obj/$archos/*.{ml,mli,cmi,cmo,cmx,cma,cmxa,o,a}

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