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[Bug 531019] Wrong dependency for cduce

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--- Comment #5 from NOREPLY <gc pps jussieu fr>  2009-10-26 13:36:30 EDT ---
Specifically, to your request

(In reply to comment #2)
> Our policy is that we wouldn't normally backport packages
> to older versions of cduce, unless someone specifically
> requested it.
> If that is your request, then please let me know by
> making a comment to that effect here.  

As long as I know Fedora 11 is not an "old" version of Fedora, but the current
one (or did it become "old" as soon as the 12 beta version became available?)

No I do not request to have the 0.5.3 in F11, since differences are minor
bugfixes: there are much bigger differences soon to come especially in
connection with ocsigen.
However it would be nice to have a package that actually works (unless it was
my mistake) being it the 0.5.2 or 0.5.3.

I'll continue to investigate the issue.

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