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Announcing: New Fedora Sugar Spin Release

Hi everybody,

here is a new release of our Fedora Sugar Spin! It has been some time since the last release has taken place, so there are some updates to report.

* The spin is now F10 based and includes the recent updates
* Language support has been dropped for now to save space

From now on, sugar-presence-service is also included, which means that you can test the connection features by adding a server to your settings. The procedure is being explained in a blog post here [1].

* A number of new activities has also appeared, such as...
   - sugar-analyze
   - sugar-jukebox
   - sugar-memorize
   - sugar-turtleart

You want to have a look at the latest spin? Here you go!


Finally, the SHA1SUM is available here [2].


[1] http://gregdek.livejournal.com/41616.html
[2] http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/olpc/0.82-2/i686/SHA1SUM

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