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Re: rawhide builds

Hi Peter,

   > What's the status of the rawhide builds? I haven't seen one for a
   > while. It would be good to get one based on F11Beta as it would
   > provide a good point for testing from.

Yeah!  I'm interested in three things at the moment:

* a standard live image for the beta with overlay, for USB and SD.

* an "installed" image for the beta that can be flashed to NAND,
  and avoids the live image overhead.  Sebastian's been working
  on making images like this using ImageCreator.

* an image with the OLPC kernel rather than the Fedora one, so
  that people have a way to use suspend/resume with F11.  This
  one is a little controversial, since our goal is to upstream
  everything rather than rely on our custom kernel -- it's clear
  that we aren't going to get suspend/resume upstream and back
  in time for F11, though, so I'd like to try out an image like
  this all the same.

Help very welcome on any of these.  :)

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb laptop org>

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