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Re: rawhide builds

Hi Chris,

>   > I've been meaning to ask about that.... what's the current
>   > difference between the standard Fedora kernel and the OLPC
>   > one.
> As far as I know, it's:
> * open firmware interface (arch/x86/kernel/ofw.[ch])
> * geode GPIO driver (used by DCON and suspend/resume)
> * dcon driver (drivers/video/olpc_dcon.[ch])
> * suspend/resume code (arch/x86/kernel/olpc_pm.*)
>   > What's stopping these from being upsteamed?
> Just the work of submitting them and responding to criticism, which is
> hard to find time for; OLPC doesn't employ any kernel hackers at the
> moment.  Going with staging first does sound like a decent idea.

By the sound of it getting that into staging would be a good way of
getting it upstreamed, it would allow more feedback and testing
without having to afaict do the full review and also get more eyes on
it which would ultimately help get it mainline with some help from all
of the kernel community. I think that fedora is enabling some features
that are self contained in the staging part of the tree as well which
would also allow us to use the main Fedora kernel.


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