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Re: rawhide builds

On Wednesday, April 01 2009, Peter Robinson said:
> >   > I've been meaning to ask about that.... what's the current
> >   > difference between the standard Fedora kernel and the OLPC
> >   > one.
> >
> > As far as I know, it's:
> >
> > * open firmware interface (arch/x86/kernel/ofw.[ch])
> > * geode GPIO driver (used by DCON and suspend/resume)
> > * dcon driver (drivers/video/olpc_dcon.[ch])
> > * suspend/resume code (arch/x86/kernel/olpc_pm.*)
> >
> >   > What's stopping these from being upsteamed?
> >
> > Just the work of submitting them and responding to criticism, which is
> > hard to find time for; OLPC doesn't employ any kernel hackers at the
> > moment.  Going with staging first does sound like a decent idea.
> By the sound of it getting that into staging would be a good way of
> getting it upstreamed, it would allow more feedback and testing
> without having to afaict do the full review and also get more eyes on
> it which would ultimately help get it mainline with some help from all
> of the kernel community. I think that fedora is enabling some features
> that are self contained in the staging part of the tree as well which
> would also allow us to use the main Fedora kernel.

Fedora isn't enabling things from staging because they tend to be things
which are poorly maintained and don't have a real path to upstream.

Also, most of the pieces in question aren't drivers and thus couldn't go
into staging anyway.  And the one piece that is a driver (the dcon) ends
up depending on some of the pieces which aren't.


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