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[SoaS] Deadlines for upcoming FOSSVT Release

Hi all,

as you'll have noticed, we're currently readying Sugar on a Stick for release, which is scheduled for April 10th. The roadmap is located here:


So here's a quick heads-up for activity packagers and maintainers! I know, it's quite of short notice...

* SoaS will be frozen as of April 7th. The final image will be already composed on that date, as it takes some time to get everything together for FOSSVT.

* Sugar 0.84.2 is the version scheduled for inclusion.

* If you want to get your latest bits included, please get them ready as soon as possible!

We really need to get this done within the next two days, as we can spend only tomorrow on testing. If your package belongs to sucrose, you might need to get it build in koji, as well.

Please ping or e-mail me, if you've any concerns. Again, this is urgent!

Thanks and let's make this an awesome release,
   --Your SoaS Team

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