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Re: move to rawhide update

> These are 2 fonts packages (and I'm not sure of the state
> of the other 2 'orphaned' ones but they're not listed as such in the
> packageDB) as sugar-record.

I suppose you're talking about abyssinica-fonts and nafees-web-naskh-fonts.

They were orphaned and I took ownership of those 2 packages.

The packages were updated to conform the new packaging guidelines by
their previous maintainer (Bernie) before he orphaned them, so they
are in good shape.

I only didn't put them in the "fixed" list on the wiki page as I still
didn't have time to look at the fontconfig rules and how to add them
to the packages. I'll do that as it's the Right Thing as soon as I
find the time to, but it's not necessary AFAIK so the issues with
those packages (they are orphaned) are fixed.

There's also a comment about renaming the abyssinica-fonts package,
but Bernie couldn't help me on that and there was no bug opened asking
for it (as was the case with issues with new font packaging

So, as far as OLPC on F11 goes, I'd say those 2 are "fixed".


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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