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Re: move to rawhide update

>> These are 2 fonts packages (and I'm not sure of the state
>> of the other 2 'orphaned' ones but they're not listed as such in the
>> packageDB) as sugar-record.
> I suppose you're talking about abyssinica-fonts and nafees-web-naskh-fonts.
> They were orphaned and I took ownership of those 2 packages.
> The packages were updated to conform the new packaging guidelines by
> their previous maintainer (Bernie) before he orphaned them, so they
> are in good shape.
> I only didn't put them in the "fixed" list on the wiki page as I still
> didn't have time to look at the fontconfig rules and how to add them
> to the packages. I'll do that as it's the Right Thing as soon as I
> find the time to, but it's not necessary AFAIK so the issues with
> those packages (they are orphaned) are fixed.
> There's also a comment about renaming the abyssinica-fonts package,
> but Bernie couldn't help me on that and there was no bug opened asking
> for it (as was the case with issues with new font packaging
> guidelines).
> So, as far as OLPC on F11 goes, I'd say those 2 are "fixed".

Excellent! That's great news. I knew the old owners name started with
B but that was it so I couldn't tell if the maintainer listed in pkgdb
was him or someone else :-)

You don't want to take over the review for the other two font packages
by chance (I'm not sure if there's a procedure for this but can look
to find out), I'm happy to do the review side of things for them.


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