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Re: move to rawhide update

I thought now that we're getting closer to the Fedora 11 freeze it
would be a good time for everyone to where they're at as we move
towards F-11/9.1.0/olpc-next.

My biggest current question is: When on my XO I enter 'yum check-update' (using either the latest SoaS2 .iso or the latest ~cjb/rawhide-xo .img), it tells me that there are more than 220 packages at the rawhide repositories that are at a more recent version level than those provided by the system on my XO.

Why don't the SoaS/~cjb distributions contain the latest rawhide packages ?

The main and probably most major issues outstanding are the
kernel/boot process - so
kernel/initscripts/olpcrd/initscripts/upstart/rainbow collection of
stuff.... of which I have no real idea about. Updates?

The remaining issues are mostly either package deps or getting them
into Fedora.

If we are talking about 9.1.0, it would be nice if 'sound' and 'moving pictures' worked in F-11 on the XO. Currently they don't.

I agree that 'suspend' (or even power-off on 'shutdown') would improve the usability of F-11 on the XO.


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