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Re: move to rawhide update

On Wednesday, April 08 2009, John Gilmore said:
> >    > But now, it appears that F11 won't be able to suspend on OLPC,
> >    > which makes it almost useless for laptop use (as opposed to
> >    > developer use when the laptop is sitting on a desk with permanent
> >    > AC power).
> > 
> > Sure, but you can install a different kernel on your F11 image, such as
> > OLPC's custom kernel (this has already been tested working), or just
> > the minimum set of patches to the F11 kernel that add suspend/resume
> > support, as Scott Douglass and Martin Dengler have been looking at
> > recently.
> > 
> > I hope we can get some power management patches (even if they're basic
> > patches rather than everything we have) upstream and back for F12.  We
> > started the F11 project with the knowledge that we wouldn't be able to
> > get much of what we need upstream and back in time for its release.
> Since OLPC's "upstream" is both Linus's kernel releases, and Fedora's
> distributions, there are two upstream places to push OLPC's hardware
> support patches to.  Have we only been trying to get them into one of
> those places (Linus's)?
> The F11 kernel currently carries about 60 patches beyond Linus's version.
> Some are tiny 4kb patches; others are 300KB.  Why aren't any of the
> XO-1 hardware support patches included in the F11 kernel?

As has been said here again and again, as a matter of policy, the Fedora
kernel maintainers are against adding patches that aren't already in an
upstream subsystem maintainer's tree and thus headed to Linus.  There
are a few holdouts for legacy reasons, but those are dropping in number
with each passing kernel release.  

If it's good enough for the Fedora kernel, it's good enough for
upstream.  And the flip side of that is that if it's not good enough for
upstream, why would you think that it's good enough for Fedora?


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