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Re: [Server-devel] Debugging booting problems with F9 on SD card...

On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 2:24 PM, Martin Langhoff
<martin langhoff gmail com> wrote:
> If I replace the kernel with an OLPC kernel, at least it tries to open
> mmcblk0p1 -- and fails, because the drivers we need are built as
> modules.
> Have you had any success?

Using dsd's XO-alt-distro scripts we can get a kernel build that has
all the relevant bits for the XO, and builds the MMC  modules we want

As they are, dsd's scripts setup an initrd that fails exactly like the
other ones. But as the modules we want are linked statically, we don't
need the initrd. And without referring to the initrd, the image boots
like a champ.

So now I have an XS booting on the XO :-) -- with a hand-compiled
kernel, so not quite the ideal thing yet.

The fact that merely adding an initrd breaks it means there must be
something wrong (read: non-XO-compatible) with how initrds are built
under F9.

I've reviewed the changelog of F-10s mkinitrd, but nothing jumps at
me, and it's not trivial to use it on F9 as it pulls a lots of deps.

Any ideas? Help?


 martin langhoff gmail com
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