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Re: looking to take some sugar-* packages

Karsten Wade wrote:
Hey.  I'm new to Sugar and OLPC packaging, but I'd like to take some
of the low(er) fruit from folks who can be better busy working on
stuff I don't understand ... such as coding. :)

Asking on #fedora-olpc, it looks like some/all of these would be a
good place to help:


'sugar-artwork' seems one that I can handle.  Other than tracking
upstream and such, could I also help with some of the others?  Such as

On the Sugar activities listed on the above page, do those packages
need maintainers as well?

cheers - Karsten

Oh, you can absolutely help with packaging. It is mostly updating the when the Sucrose (Sugar and activities) releases are out. Instructions can be found at:


We can try this out directly by the end of the week - we will have a new Sucrose release on Friday ;) Request permissions (instructions in the link above) for the packages you want to package and start packaging when the tarballs are available.

For direct questions and issues you can catch me as well on irc (#sugar), my nick is 'erikos'.

Thanks for stepping up,

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