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Re: Help debug latest rawhide images

Peter Robinson wrote:
On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 1:49 AM, Chris Ball <cjb laptop org> wrote:

  > Well, I was right about olpc_has_dcon() failing, and wrong about
  > the reason why.  This upstream commit breaks model detection, and
  > reverting it gets the FB working again:

A proper fix is headed upstream now:


  > Next up is X, which is failing because it doesn't think a DCON is
  > present, because /sys/platform/devices/dcon doesn't exist, because
  > olpc_dcon isn't loaded, because it isn't upstream.  I'll work on a
  > better detection mechanism to put in the geode driver -- Jordan,
  > any suggestions?

There were a few problems here:

* The DCON detection problem above.  I've solved this by just changing
 the test to point to a driver that's actually upstream:


* The current HEAD was segfaulting, also now solved in the driver.

* I eventually worked out that "modprobe msr" is needed before starting
 the driver on Rawhide -- if you don't, you get a screen full of white
 snow.  We'll need to get this logic ("if on an xo, do modprobe msr
 before X starts") into Fedora proper somehow.  Any ideas?

Is there anyway to detect and load this using HAL rules?

I'll release a new version of the X driver into Rawhide within a day or
so, and the kernel patch above should make its way into Rawhide via
Linus at a similar pace.  Once both of these are applied, I'm happy to
report that I can get to a functional GNOME desktop, using Sebastian's
olpc-gnome kickstart file.

Is this on the net somewhere?


Yep, it is, indeed. ;)

Here you go: http://dev.laptop.org/git/projects/fedora-xo

I've recently modified the olpc-desktop.ks - it's now the one which includes GNOME as well as Sugar, so that you should be able to switch between them.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! BTW: The final image file shouldn't be much bigger than 300 MB...


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