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[SoaS-2] Another Snapshot!

Hi folks,

there's another new - though, completely untested - snapshot of soas-2 ready and waiting for you here:


A log file from the build process has been posted, too:


So what is new?

* most activities have been updated to their latest version
* sugar-update-control is now included - thanks to SMParrish
* etoys, speak and read activity should now really be on it ;)
* keyboard layout changes should be possible via system-config-keyboard
* the soas version information has been incorporated correctly

Concerning the last point: When booting the image, you should see a screen with the Fedora wallpaper for one second - press escape here and you should get to the boot menu, where you'll see the image's name.

By the way, Fedora 11 (on which SoaS-2 is based) has entered beta freeze: So quite some packages won't be changing for now, but with the upcoming snapshots - as Rawhide progresses - it should stabilize more.

Well, that's it so far. As always, please report any issues you encounter. Thanks and happy testing!

   --Your SoaS Team

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