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Fedora Core 5 Update: bind-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 5
Name        : bind
Version     : 9.3.3
Release     : 0.1.rc2.fc5
Summary     : The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) DNS (Domain Name System) server.
Description :
BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is an implementation of the DNS
(Domain Name System) protocols. BIND includes a DNS server (named),
which resolves host names to IP addresses; a resolver library
(routines for applications to use when interfacing with DNS); and
tools for verifying that the DNS server is operating properly.


* Mon Oct 16 2006 Martin Stransky <stransky redhat com> - 30:9.3.3-0.1.rc2
- update to the latest upstream (9.3.3rc2)
- added fix from #209400 - Bind Init Script does not create
  the PID file always, created by Jeff Means
- added timeout to stop section of init script.
  The default is 100 sec. and can be adjusted by NAMED_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT
  shell variable.
- backported some minor fixes from devel
* Mon Sep 11 2006 Martin Stransky <stransky redhat com> - 30:9.3.2-33
- added fix for CVE-2006-4095
- added bind to PreReq (#202542)
* Fri Jul 21 2006 Jason Vas Dias <jvdias redhat com> - 30:9.3.2-32
- fix addenda to bug 189789: 
  determination of selinux enabled was still not 100% correct in bind-chroot-admin
- fix addenda to bug 196398:
  make named.init test for NetworkManager being enabled AFTER testing for -D absence;
  named.init now supports a 'DISABLE_NAMED_DBUS' /etc/sysconfig/named setting to disable
  auto-enable of named dbus support if NetworkManager enabled.
* Wed Jul 19 2006 Jason Vas Dias <jvdias redhat com> - 30:9.3.2-30
- fix bug 196398 - Enable -D option automatically in initscript
  if NetworkManager enabled in any runlevel.
- fix bugs 191093, 189789
- fix bug 196962 (fixed by backported 9.3.3b1 fixes to lib/isc/unix/ifiter_ioctl.c)
- backport selected fixes from upstream bind9 'v9_3_3b1' CVS version:
  ( see http://www.isc.org/sw/bind9.3.php "Fixes" ): 
  o change 2024 / bug 16027:
    named emitted spurious "zone serial unchanged" messages on reload
  o change 2013 / bug 15941:
    handle unexpected TSIGs on unsigned AXFR/IXFR responses more gracefully
  o change 2009 / bug 15808: coverity fixes
  o change 1997 / bug 15818: 
    named was failing to replace negative cache entries when a positive one
    for the type was learnt
  o change 1994 / bug 15694: OpenSSL 0.9.8 support
  o change 1991 / bug 15813:
    The configuration data, once read, should be treated as readonly.
  o misc. validator fixes 
  o misc. resolver fixes
  o misc. dns fixes
  o misc. isc fixes
  o misc. libbind fixes
  o misc. isccfg fix
  o misc. lwres fix
  o misc. named fixes
  o misc. dig fixes
  o misc. nsupdate fix
  o misc. tests fixes
* Wed Jun  7 2006 Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com> - 30:9.3.2-24.FC6
- and actually put the devel symlinks in the right subpackage
* Thu May 25 2006 Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com> - 30:9.3.2-23.FC6
- rebuild for -devel deps

This update can be downloaded from:

22aefbc2940de0664cbffc84da177194bb1ccdab  SRPMS/bind-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.src.rpm
22aefbc2940de0664cbffc84da177194bb1ccdab  noarch/bind-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.src.rpm
0c1d05196c21c1d3497340b7b7781b98ad289c9d  ppc/bind-libbind-devel-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.ppc.rpm
99e62693ebf01a0635d08926e896d1c616718d6a  ppc/bind-libs-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.ppc.rpm
38a85a2c8cf5d962707f71a9b62e16170a176a23  ppc/caching-nameserver-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.ppc.rpm
a9c27429088847aeb3d6dd6fa8576bc2b721c758  ppc/bind-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.ppc.rpm
6955c4589b109fafb1070b5955cee71b984f4b08  ppc/bind-sdb-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.ppc.rpm
cfcace4244a2443f7ed04b05bffd4cdbe312abd9  ppc/debug/bind-debuginfo-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.ppc.rpm
54f971673232ea35843d1eb6e4009f2297cde49e  ppc/bind-devel-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.ppc.rpm
ff4b8cc6d38e10c915fd106ce6e1bf51baacc9d7  ppc/bind-utils-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.ppc.rpm
d4fb01a6cbec61a505eae077578b619bffde86c7  ppc/bind-chroot-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.ppc.rpm
adece9daca3caf97663f218bab4b3a623e84e153  x86_64/bind-libs-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
edde83339658c295356c4235e173848af26378e5  x86_64/bind-chroot-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
fe5c63aa9c2a2f80fa05209f7b9fdf63f393df44  x86_64/debug/bind-debuginfo-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
b80b85d75f69870bafe866f3b2f641fb5c6973ad  x86_64/bind-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
03b216436344bae5a556c5fc683a03b15f41aa5c  x86_64/bind-utils-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
1829e02ce0aff94f3b4f50056d05d20e9333d3db  x86_64/bind-libbind-devel-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
707758731c59a6fe1c7895110c89dfaab57492cb  x86_64/bind-sdb-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
439479b482d43f1d620d832584baf1fcae4381db  x86_64/caching-nameserver-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
743e847e04e32694599e5ce0d229cdbd430ebd70  x86_64/bind-devel-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
0cfc589789e046fd5ec27151bf216adddca65e72  i386/caching-nameserver-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.i386.rpm
824729cc880061d0180142ca4a18c58fcf849aec  i386/debug/bind-debuginfo-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.i386.rpm
72210a2440d7e9a7641bed6f0355f469df66c85e  i386/bind-devel-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.i386.rpm
81bc704d9f43b7c0d9c57b96f8d86b223e870ae9  i386/bind-utils-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.i386.rpm
3debfe74e8dc6895feac6ae30dabe7f4b47b1e17  i386/bind-libbind-devel-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.i386.rpm
f3a68b40ba3647163c33ac9f9726b517a30b927d  i386/bind-sdb-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.i386.rpm
f6873704f2a6585cc7ad6beb759a7d4b66382215  i386/bind-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.i386.rpm
c2757380eb63d28700966fddbfc1e01adf55f00e  i386/bind-chroot-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.i386.rpm
8e6bf74a2ad7bbd7b64ac6658e031904dc6e5242  i386/bind-libs-9.3.3-0.1.rc2.fc5.i386.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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