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[SECURITY] Fedora Core 5 Update: samba-3.0.24-1.fc5

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 5
Name        : samba
Version     : 3.0.24
Release     : 1.fc5
Summary     : The Samba SMB server.
Description :

Samba is the suite of programs by which a lot of PC-related machines
share files, printers, and other information (such as lists of
available files and printers). The Windows NT, OS/2, and Linux
operating systems support this natively, and add-on packages can
enable the same thing for DOS, Windows, VMS, UNIX of all kinds, MVS,
and more. This package provides an SMB server that can be used to
provide network services to SMB (sometimes called "Lan Manager")
clients. Samba uses NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) protocols and does NOT
need the NetBEUI (Microsoft Raw NetBIOS frame) protocol.


* Wed Feb  7 2007 Jay Fenlason <fenlason redhat com> 3.0.24-1.fc5
- New upstream release
- Update the -man patch to work with 3.0.24
- This release
  fixes CVE-2007-0452 Samba smbd denial of service
* Tue Sep 26 2006 Jay Fenlason <fenlason redhat com> 3.0.23c-1.fc5
- Include the newer smb.init that includes the configtest option
- Upgrade to 3.0.23c, obsoleting the -samr_alias patch.
* Wed Aug  9 2006 Jay Fenlason <fenlason redhat com> 3.0.23b-1.fc5
- New upstream release, fixing some annoying bugs.
* Mon Jul 24 2006 Jay Fenlason <fenlason redhat com> 3.0.23a-1.fc5.1
- Fix the -logfiles patch to close
  bz#199607 Samba compiled with wrong log path.
  bz#199206 smb.conf has incorrect log file path
* Mon Jul 24 2006 Jay Fenlason <fenlason redhat com> 3.0.23a-1.fc5
- Upgrade to new upstream 3.0.23a
- include upstream samr_alias patch
* Wed Jul 12 2006 Jay Fenlason <fenlason redhat com> 3.0.23-1.fc5
- Upgrade to 3.0.23 to close
  bz#197836 CVE-2006-3403 Samba denial of service
- include related spec file, filter-requires-samba.sh and patch changes
  from rawhide.
- include the fixed smb.init file from rawhide, closing
  bz#182560 Wrong retval for initscript when smbd is dead

This update can be downloaded from:

9bbc8a4bb1a453d59bd8782f80f649915d34f911  SRPMS/samba-3.0.24-1.fc5.src.rpm
9bbc8a4bb1a453d59bd8782f80f649915d34f911  noarch/samba-3.0.24-1.fc5.src.rpm
ab6a77e6c718b5fd52070ade6ffb4d6d1b98f415  ppc/debug/samba-debuginfo-3.0.24-1.fc5.ppc.rpm
579f8f08f022010d62507e8837bae78c09297b95  ppc/samba-common-3.0.24-1.fc5.ppc.rpm
f38df05256e67eec1acbcc1a422dbe8ff96b8c57  ppc/samba-swat-3.0.24-1.fc5.ppc.rpm
130be42d37bcbbc7e635f764b98f8c075102a96c  ppc/samba-3.0.24-1.fc5.ppc.rpm
a1fec57230163279fdeeebb483f9e33b16497b61  ppc/samba-client-3.0.24-1.fc5.ppc.rpm
1a463c5b5e0971b472ee9c52249ba2ad4eb73a96  x86_64/debug/samba-debuginfo-3.0.24-1.fc5.x86_64.rpm
0e033bf26b950a97863aac665e068d9235ba6b80  x86_64/samba-3.0.24-1.fc5.x86_64.rpm
5131e2bb48f3fc90890152be4c023bd5c609af92  x86_64/samba-swat-3.0.24-1.fc5.x86_64.rpm
469f90101adbb9ac32b80ecdb5009b07fe6c07fb  x86_64/samba-client-3.0.24-1.fc5.x86_64.rpm
8dd3cd56064330ff3db3b443f5df8fe70b65dff6  x86_64/samba-common-3.0.24-1.fc5.x86_64.rpm
2cd55ad1de3678bf3d905791b78ab3495cb49244  i386/samba-3.0.24-1.fc5.i386.rpm
53f6e3e290b6a6fd18ec4949b03a598cbc3d6e40  i386/samba-client-3.0.24-1.fc5.i386.rpm
6c70800d282539cde2c61c59497759f861f187d3  i386/debug/samba-debuginfo-3.0.24-1.fc5.i386.rpm
8651a03ac90aaf7d2d2ce33a5f86eebf08ba8599  i386/samba-common-3.0.24-1.fc5.i386.rpm
c3ced49da43eb2636f18f78338535fc7a132323e  i386/samba-swat-3.0.24-1.fc5.i386.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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