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[SECURITY] Fedora Core 6 Update: gimp-2.2.17-1.fc6

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 6
Name        : gimp
Version     : 2.2.17
Release     : 1.fc6
Summary     : GNU Image Manipulation Program
Description :
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful image composition and
editing program, which can be extremely useful for creating logos and other
graphics for webpages. GIMP has many of the tools and filters you would expect
to find in similar commercial offerings, and some interesting extras as well.
GIMP provides a large image manipulation toolbox, including channel operations
and layers, effects, sub-pixel imaging and anti-aliasing, and conversions, all
with multi-level undo.


* Fri Jul 13 2007 Nils Philippsen <nphilipp redhat com> - 2:2.2.17-1
- version 2.2.17

  Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.17

  - fixed regression in PSD load plug-in (bug #456042)
  - fixed crash when loading a corrupt PSD file (bug #327444)
  - work around for Pango appending " Not-Rotated" to font names
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Nils Philippsen <nphilipp redhat com> - 2:2.2.16-2
- don't let gimp-plugin-mgr --uninstall fail %post scriptlet
* Mon Jul  9 2007 Nils Philippsen <nphilipp redhat com> - 2:2.2.16-1
- version 2.2.16

  Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.16

  - improved input value validation in several file plug-ins (bug #453973)
  - improved handling of corrupt or invalid XCF files
  - guard against integer overflows in several file plug-ins (bug #451379)
  - fixed handling of background alpha channel in XCF files (bug #443097)
  - improved forward compatibility of the config parser
  - fixed crash when previewing some animated brushes (bug #446005)

- remove obsolete psd-invalid-dimensions patch

This update can be downloaded from:

2c6d975b72b6b40425f6185891338d991947a160  SRPMS/gimp-2.2.17-1.fc6.src.rpm
2c6d975b72b6b40425f6185891338d991947a160  noarch/gimp-2.2.17-1.fc6.src.rpm
c8ad17679d654ee1b26caca09fc750d969e20c34  ppc/gimp-2.2.17-1.fc6.ppc.rpm
23a4694921139a9f8fb3c24150201b9aaffb3f5b  ppc/gimp-devel-2.2.17-1.fc6.ppc.rpm
8fd0df8753dce1ef36133052db3b7f4fc85ece7b  ppc/debug/gimp-debuginfo-2.2.17-1.fc6.ppc.rpm
06245a6326bcc2d3499fbfed6248e8684b7566bb  ppc/gimp-libs-2.2.17-1.fc6.ppc.rpm
5295bd5e12e2cce9260100b977dcf3c11fae3211  x86_64/gimp-devel-2.2.17-1.fc6.x86_64.rpm
103c21be36b45561c53c42a531f1f53458b2f9a1  x86_64/gimp-2.2.17-1.fc6.x86_64.rpm
12293a09d7f1b2a58772ebfab3fc16c1b6017957  x86_64/gimp-libs-2.2.17-1.fc6.x86_64.rpm
220ded7391ea070a48a22c35f17e7e4cfc83bc82  x86_64/debug/gimp-debuginfo-2.2.17-1.fc6.x86_64.rpm
905c56e90e6600d61d807cfe26b08c9a8735e600  i386/gimp-devel-2.2.17-1.fc6.i386.rpm
0ba9e0cee4ed5dbb566ac8845aaab36dffa8f1bc  i386/gimp-2.2.17-1.fc6.i386.rpm
5f0d341ae9e64819c70ce95d4f1e6e5f8d01114a  i386/debug/gimp-debuginfo-2.2.17-1.fc6.i386.rpm
ed5ec4daba6fdea62772f2eb9fd1a0d31d6bfb01  i386/gimp-libs-2.2.17-1.fc6.i386.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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