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Fedora 7 Update: nas-1.9a-3.fc7

Fedora Update Notification
2007-11-05 15:10:40.772413

Name        : nas
Product     : Fedora 7
Version     : 1.9a
Release     : 3.fc7
URL         : http://nas.codebrilliance.com
Summary     : The Network Audio System (NAS)
Description :
In a nutshell, NAS is the audio equivalent of an X display  server.
The Network Audio System (NAS) was developed by NCD for playing,
recording, and manipulating audio data over a network.  Like the
X Window System, it uses the client/server model to separate
applications from the specific drivers that control audio input
and output devices.
Key features of the Network Audio System include:
	o  Device-independent audio over the network
	o  Lots of audio file and data formats
	o  Can store sounds in server for rapid replay
	o  Extensive mixing, separating, and manipulation of audio data
	o  Simultaneous use of audio devices by multiple applications
	o  Use by a growing number of ISVs
	o  Small size
	o  Free!  No obnoxious licensing terms


* Fri Nov  2 2007 Frank Büttner  <frank-buettner gmx net> - 1.9a-3
- add better patch for #247468
* Fri Nov  2 2007 Frank Büttner  <frank-buettner gmx net> - 1.9a-2
- add patch to fix #247468
* Sun Oct 28 2007 Frank Büttner  <frank-buettner gmx net> - 1.9a-1
- update to 1.9a to fix #245712
* Sat Aug 18 2007 Frank Büttner  <frank-buettner gmx net> - 1.9-4
- fix for bug #245712
* Sat Aug 11 2007 Frank Büttner  <frank-buettner gmx net> - 1.9-3
- fix for bug #250453
* Fri May  4 2007 Frank Büttner  <frank-buettner gmx net> - 1.9-2.fc7
- rebuild for the new ppc64 arch

  [ 1 ] Bug #247468 - nas should not modify sound card volume on start
  [ 2 ] Bug #245712 - nasd outputs only part of a sample, client stalls -- except under strace
Updated packages:

f51f581daaaeec9ee52cffed3658ae40f11438db nas-1.9a-3.fc7.ppc64.rpm
ad70f8cf3aa3f4d82ef97c185a6ddc6d3ebcc65a nas-debuginfo-1.9a-3.fc7.ppc64.rpm
cf15427416112d84b87d1bdfd9e32000fa5e8b4e nas-devel-1.9a-3.fc7.ppc64.rpm
7ba249d21219a53cbabbfd764a4c1cc3df44c320 nas-devel-1.9a-3.fc7.i386.rpm
3f5d5d61758babbb580c1b23740ec8a9e0246f1f nas-debuginfo-1.9a-3.fc7.i386.rpm
0651f2ae183cb6a1123ad95c778f8aa6738fdf4b nas-1.9a-3.fc7.i386.rpm
64ffb30d221c7c946497fe750185b9ce924f6a48 nas-1.9a-3.fc7.x86_64.rpm
7305668646241459c0c898b32f7c3acb2148a769 nas-devel-1.9a-3.fc7.x86_64.rpm
f661f1e915fa49d70a1f17fe13c94c685eb6c72a nas-debuginfo-1.9a-3.fc7.x86_64.rpm
5bd09e68c0d453a0052a8243a08505f9c330499f nas-debuginfo-1.9a-3.fc7.ppc.rpm
6765d743eff2a3a9f5b57a6295a2c4b546e70608 nas-1.9a-3.fc7.ppc.rpm
0aa3c2009125dc06547d778b94cf8998e9e7058c nas-devel-1.9a-3.fc7.ppc.rpm
76c07e047c99816b10a1727af0041e20e562e597 nas-1.9a-3.fc7.src.rpm

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update nas' 
at the command line.  For more information, refer to "Managing Software
with yum", available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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