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Fedora 8 Update: policycoreutils-2.0.31-20.fc8

Fedora Update Notification
2007-11-29 01:41:38.532698

Name        : policycoreutils
Product     : Fedora 8
Version     : 2.0.31
Release     : 20.fc8
URL         : http://www.selinuxproject.org
Summary     : SELinux policy core utilities
Description :
Security-enhanced Linux is a feature of the Linux® kernel and a number
of utilities with enhanced security functionality designed to add
mandatory access controls to Linux.  The Security-enhanced Linux
kernel contains new architectural components originally developed to
improve the security of the Flask operating system. These
architectural components provide general support for the enforcement
of many kinds of mandatory access control policies, including those
based on the concepts of Type Enforcement®, Role-based Access
Control, and Multi-level Security.

policycoreutils contains the policy core utilities that are required
for basic operation of a SELinux system.  These utilities include
load_policy to load policies, setfiles to label filesystems, newrole
to switch roles, and run_init to run /etc/init.d scripts in the proper


* Mon Nov 19 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-20
- Don't show error on missing policy.xml
* Mon Nov 19 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-19
- GUI Enhancements
  - Fix cgi generation
  - Use more patterns
* Mon Nov 19 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-18
- Remove codec hacking, which seems to be fixed in python
* Fri Nov 16 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-17
- Fix typo
- Change to upstream minimal privledge interfaces
* Fri Nov 16 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-16
- Fix fixfiles argument parsing
* Thu Nov 15 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-15
- Fix File Labeling add
* Thu Nov  8 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-14
- Fix semanage to handle state where policy.xml is not installed
* Mon Nov  5 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-13
- Remove -v from restorecon in fixfiles
* Mon Nov  5 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-12
- Fix filter and search capabilities, add wait cursor
* Fri Nov  2 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-11
- Translate booleans via policy.xml
- Allow booleans to be set via semanage
* Thu Nov  1 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-10
- Require use of selinux-policy-devel
* Wed Oct 31 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2.0.31-9
- Validate semanage fcontext input
- Fix template names for log files in gui
Updated packages:

b8a10366139e9a6dba011860b518d61f7dca37df policycoreutils-debuginfo-2.0.31-20.fc8.ppc64.rpm
ee706bd3dc19d6f0dee8a030784fe7de5c76553d policycoreutils-2.0.31-20.fc8.ppc64.rpm
4028a9f4692c088ef85f47b392f83c780272a943 policycoreutils-newrole-2.0.31-20.fc8.ppc64.rpm
8badf3b1b56fcf65a362532d02b40922553a14d9 policycoreutils-gui-2.0.31-20.fc8.ppc64.rpm
8b09bbaa9a15576d422f8843c2babd72d4c86676 policycoreutils-gui-2.0.31-20.fc8.i386.rpm
358bffe9c106efe09917c75b9ae21357cac9ab4a policycoreutils-newrole-2.0.31-20.fc8.i386.rpm
dc62661e9a0d1abe8549b5a6d0ec7dc39de43186 policycoreutils-2.0.31-20.fc8.i386.rpm
06b987102e2cf034d5abdd0f4e3e67f1ddaea798 policycoreutils-debuginfo-2.0.31-20.fc8.i386.rpm
d159078bdd4c95fac938f28d5bcd32c246099946 policycoreutils-debuginfo-2.0.31-20.fc8.x86_64.rpm
77b3457f8856355ee83ba5d2e401bdf34e10248a policycoreutils-2.0.31-20.fc8.x86_64.rpm
398ab3acfd92ac84e54175e873724ec27593162d policycoreutils-gui-2.0.31-20.fc8.x86_64.rpm
b3c50d99fdbbc0a329e36bdade802d9b21a2e0ac policycoreutils-newrole-2.0.31-20.fc8.x86_64.rpm
395a7ccdacebce0f70017d834928da4e9addecc5 policycoreutils-newrole-2.0.31-20.fc8.ppc.rpm
9a38deb0a7834ba595588c39470c743405040fd1 policycoreutils-debuginfo-2.0.31-20.fc8.ppc.rpm
bee0bd042bdab7a859f1fee6963def8174236149 policycoreutils-gui-2.0.31-20.fc8.ppc.rpm
cd555f9e5dd94a0fc515d90cc45a9fd2af412e5e policycoreutils-2.0.31-20.fc8.ppc.rpm
b374612470d7f4c9e992c4734c146f5d0b3bd467 policycoreutils-2.0.31-20.fc8.src.rpm

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update policycoreutils' 
at the command line.  For more information, refer to "Managing Software
with yum", available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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