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Fedora 10 Update: xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd-1.2.3-1.5.20081112git.fc10

Fedora Update Notification

Name        : xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd
Product     : Fedora 10
Version     : 1.2.3
Release     : 1.5.20081112git.fc10
URL         : http://www.x.org/
Summary     : Xorg X11 radeonhd driver for AMD GPG r5xx/r6xx Chipsets
Description :
X.org X11 radeonhd driver for AMD GPG r5xx/r6xx Chipsets.

This package is a snapshot of a work in progress. You may experience
regressions, bugs, errors, broken displays, and other undesirable phenomena.

radeonhd mailing list: http://lists.opensuse.org/radeonhd/

Built from git commit: 53dd35cb766138c879c926a8374380174e876d35

Update Information:


* Wed Nov 12 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.3-1.5.20081112git
- New snapshot (upstream commit 53dd35cb766138c879c926a8374380174e876d35):
  - 53dd35cb: DRI: Exit RHDDRIScreenInit() with FALSE when init failed.
  - a2fa612c: RandR: Bracket block properly.
  - fe4356ce: DRI: SwapContext: Stop wanton XAA syncs.
  - bb14c00c: Add RV730/710 PCI Ids.
  - ac56b4c8: ASIC_Support: Add AtomBIOS support for RV730/710 chipsets.
  - 57f11067: I2C: Add additional I2C lines for for DCE3.2 support.
  - 30f4bf2b: MC: RV770 code also supports generations beyond this.
  - 680f05ac: AtomBIOS/Backlight Control: Fix AtomBIOS based BL control for hardcoded outputs.
  - d125c0fa: DIG: Add debug output for EncoderPower().
  - 264a8b5f: DIG: Fix SEGFAULT with new coherent option.
  - db72b6a5: Coherent: Update man page to match Christian Koenig's fixes to the option parser.
  - 36657dc3: Use RhdParseBooleanOption for ignoreconnector config option
  - 2e3590da: Use RhdParseBooleanOption for HDMI config option
  - 908fabd6: DIG: Add RHD_OPTION_NOT_SET to dig outputs.
  - 08fedbb6: Fix and improve RhdParseBooleanOption.
  - 3036b40f: Output/Coherent: Fix bug in parser, add man page.
  - 75b4f1d2: Don't allocate framebuffer for cursor images if software cursor is used.
  - f29a3d2f: DIG: Don't disable encoders which are assigned to active connectors.
  - 72aaf9bd: DRI: Keep rhdDri struct for server lifetime.
  - c3e4ef7f: MC: Consolidate rhdAllIdle() and RHDModePrepare().
  - ec67c56c: Move MC setup before DRI init. Fixes issues DRI issues on some systems.
  - 8676c233: DIG: Add debug output to inform about probed encoder mappings.
  - 6e40d3b9: Add config option for coherent settings on digital outputs.
  - 6b76953c: Option: Add handling for option containing a string of boolean settings.
  - 9ca2384d: BIOSScratch: Treat DAC SENSED_NONE as CRTC output.
  - 1292ab01: Option: Add handling for option containing a string of boolean settings.
* Wed Oct 29 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.3-1.3.20081029git
- README.fedora: How to adapt xorg.conf to use radeonhd
- New snapshot (upstream commit a36896dd0b44a26816ac0a401c0d9918a100d624):
  - a36896dd: AtomBIOS/Output: consolidated handling on UNIPHYA and UNIPHYB.
  - e3c56962: EXA: Move inlcusion of exa.h before xf86_ansic.h.
  - c38be243: DCE3.0: Properly map DCE3.0 DIG encoders.
  - 9e81b2cc: ID: Add PCI ID 0x95C6.
  - e589cc35: Update README and man page only if sed is OK
  - 7880b5a9: Manpage: Add Christian Koenig to the list of authors.
  - d88f685c: Fix README update on FreeBSD (sed substitution)
  - 01152def: Imake: Fix build for xvideo and hdmi audio.
  - 1e26e7a7: Autoconf: Fix RandR12 changes.
  - 0ea65a3a: Reorder source file list alphabetically
  - 3ac30d19: HDMI: Add HDMI support.
  - 69d4dabe: Autoconf: Fix build on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.
  - 15f0b2a8: [PATCH] Link with -lpciaccess and -ldrm as needed
  - b77f9a77: autoconf: Add glproto as a dependency for DRI.
  - dff3e283: gitignore: Add some distcheck files.
  - efaebb70: Cleanup SEGV_ON_ASSERT in HAVE_XF86_ANSIC_H case.
  - 29cd7382: R5xx3D: Disable XHas3DEngineState upon VT switch.
  - 0a9a206a: CS: Remove Mask member.
  - 3f558efc: AtomBIOS: Make deviceID override table actually work.

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

All packages are signed with the Fedora Project GPG key.  More details on the
GPG keys used by the Fedora Project can be found at

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