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[Bug 168690] Review Request: pyBackPack (GTK+ Python backup tool)

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Summary: Review Request: pyBackPack (GTK+ Python backup tool)


------- Additional Comments From j w r degoede hhs nl  2006-04-25 15:48 EST -------
That was quick, before I start doing a full review, one very important question
 remains: As I've understood you've written pybackpack yourself for google's
summer of code last summer and then sorta went under the radar, assuming I've
understood this correctly, what are the chances of you dropping under the radar
again in the future?

I think its great you want to create and maintain an FE package of your
software, but "we" expect a certain amound of responsivenes / reachability from
contributers. We don't want users and other contributers to get frustrated by a
(total) lack of response / communication. We're all volunteers so I'm not asking
for 24 hour max respnse time, and a response could be: "sorry real busy with
real life right now I'll look at this next month, if you hear nothing within 6
weeks poke me"

Please don't take this the wrong way, but before I sponsor someone especially my
first someone, I would like some assurance (a promise will do) that you won't
"disappear" (again). OTOH I might have misunderstood the history surrounding
this, again in that case please don't take this wrong :)

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