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[Bug 188369] Review Request: ctapi-cyberjack

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Summary: Review Request: ctapi-cyberjack


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------- Additional Comments From j w r degoede hhs nl  2006-04-26 11:08 EST -------

-use "pkg-config libpcsclite --variable=usbdropdir" to get the location for
 dropping the PCSC-lite driver
-add executable permission to all .so files .so files should always be 755

More even more improtant:
-don't install the lib under the to generic name libctapi.so, this is asking for
 conflicts with other packages. Instead name it something like
 libctapi-cyberjack.so.0 (watch the versioning!) and put the ctapi lib part 
 in plain %{_libdir} not the PSCS-lite readers dir, since its generic.
-don't install ctapi.h (where is ctbcs.h?) in /usr/include, but put it in
-create a pkgconfig-file which can be used to get the correct CFLAGS and
 LDFLAGS to link against the cyberjack ctapi.

Alternativly come up with some other scheme to allow multiple libctapi's to
co-exist, I think you / we should be able to come up with something better, just
taking the libctapi.so and ctapi.h names in the global namespace is unacceptable
since for example the towitoko drivers provide the same.

Once this is done I would mind sponsering you and doing a full review of this
package, but this problem has to be tackled first.

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