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[Bug 203520] Review Request: evolution-brutus

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Summary: Review Request: evolution-brutus
Alias: evolution-brutus


------- Additional Comments From colding omesc com  2006-11-07 04:06 EST -------
OK, all of the non-weak-symbols should be history by now. The devel package
"Requires:" are fixed as well. 

New files here:



BTW, you have an uncanny nack for knowing the complete chain of package
requriements. Just like above when you points out that if I "Requires:"
evolution-data-server-devel then I don't need ORBit2-devel as it is in
"Requires:" for libbonobo-devel way down the Requires chain. How do you do that?
A special spec hierachy browser or just a very good memory??


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