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[Bug 207793] Review Request: flite - Small, fast speech synthesis engine (text-to-speech)

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Summary: Review Request: flite - Small, fast speech synthesis engine (text-to-speech)


------- Additional Comments From faucamp csir co za  2006-11-13 08:32 EST -------
(In reply to comment #24)
> I think for this package patching to configure.in is more
> preferable because:
> * as far as I read the patch, the diff for configure is too large
>   so that I cannot figure out what is actually changed....., while
> * diff for configure.in (also in the patch) is very small and
> * the diff for configure are between
>   * one is original configure make from configure.in with autoconf 2.57
>   * the other is modified configure which _seems_ to be generated by
>     autoconf 2.13 (why?)

I actually got this patch from a third party, Lukas Loehrer (hence the old
autoconf), see comment #1 on this bug report. This is also the reason why I
didn't use cp -p on Source1 (as it was created by me, and is not used for
anything in the package). During the rewrite of the sharelibs patch, I actually
started doing a different ALSA patch (based on the ALSA support for Flite 1.2),
which only requires MINOR modification to configure.in and the addition of a
modified src/audio/au_alsa.c (from flite 1.2) - because maintaining the current
patch is a bit of a hassle, should things change.

However, I could not get this new patch to build cleanly before today (one of
the flite debug tools complained about undefined symbols, so I must have missed
something somewhere); I will look into it again.

As for the other points: silly mistakes :-), sorry. Will fix as soon as
possible. Thanks again for the feedback.

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