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[Bug 211626] Review Request: xtide - Calculate tide all over the world

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Summary: Review Request: xtide - Calculate tide all over the world


------- Additional Comments From dave flaterco com  2006-11-13 23:22 EST -------
I will split out libtcd as a separate tarball and make it build as a
shared lib if a GNU/Linux environment is present.  (XTide still tries
to be portable to Solaris, HP-UX and others, but I have no prayer of
guessing the syntax to build shared libs on every platform.)

Previous transgressions notwithstanding, as of now, the libtcd version
numbering convention is intended to be compatible with the shared
library interpretation of soname = major rev = incompatible API,
except for the COMPAT114 option.  For that, I'm thinking that
COMPAT114 could be made a configure option, and if enabled, the shared
library is not built at all.  It should also add a visible qualifier
to the version string produced by the library.

I will change the XTide configure script to test for existence of
libtcd and barf if a compatible version isn't found.

I have pinged the guy who promised to fix up the configure scripts.
However that works out, I will look at the build patches attached here
and see what changes I should incorporate.

As for tideEditor, upon further review I think probably it should be
made a separate tarball too, separate from XTide and separate from the
other tcd-utils.  It is the only thing here that requires Qt, and it
is not on the same maintenance schedule as XTide at all, nor is it
especially connected to the other tcd-utils except by historical
reasons.  It will be a pain updating all the references to tcd-utils
but it seems like the right thing to do.

Does that address everything?

I hope there are no imminent deadlines looming.

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