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[Bug 195871] Review Request: obmenu

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Summary: Review Request: obmenu


------- Additional Comments From peter thecodergeek com  2006-09-02 01:23 EST -------
Thanks for the preliminary review, Kevin.

(In reply to comment #3)
> Issues:
> 1. The new improved python guidelines require not ghosting, but including
> the .pyo files. Can you make that change?
Fixed in 1.0-2.

> 2. You don't use python_sitearch, so might skip defining it at the top.
I don't think this is really much of a problem per se, but I have removed it in
1.0-2 as suggested.

> 3. Should this package have a desktop file?
> See:
> http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Guidelines#desktop
Added in 1.0-2.

> 4. If I install this package and try and run it, I get:
> Error: "/home/kevin/.config/openbox/menu.xml" not found
> Should this package then 'Require: openbox' ? Or otherwise
> require a menu.xml file?
Well, the openbox package does not create a menu.xml file of any sorts in the
user's home directory. However, I'd very much prefer *not* to dink around with
stuff inside of /home as part of a package. For the time being, I've packaged a
 README.Fedora file (as %doc) that contains instructions on copying the default
menu to your home directory. I've also sent an email upstream about this (and
included the text of that in the README.Fedora file). Does this suffice? :)

URLs for 1.0-2 are as follows:
Spec:  http://thecodergeek.com/downloads/fedora/obmenu.spec
SRPM:  http://thecodergeek.com/downloads/fedora/obmenu-1.0-2.src.rpm

Thanks for your time and review!

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