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[Bug 196591] Review Request: bitlbee

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Summary: Review Request: bitlbee


------- Additional Comments From redhat-bugzilla linuxnetz de  2006-09-04 13:45 EST -------
Why should I enable 'ntsysv' variant of bitlbee? When reading bitlbee.conf, I 
think, I shouldn't do that (on the other hand: How to (re-)name two identical 
services to avoid confusions in /usr/sbin/ntsysv?):

##  Inetd -- Run from inetd (default)
##  Daemon -- Run as a stand-alone daemon -- EXPERIMENTAL! BitlBee is not yet
##    stable enough to serve lots of users from one process. Because of this
##    and other reasons, the use of daemon-mode is *STRONGLY* discouraged,
##    don't even *think* of reporting bugs when you use this.

I need "those perl calls" you mentioned in comment #14, to do a %makeinstall 
rather a couple of "install -mXYZ" like you are doing. Finally it saves nothing, 
so we could switch over when this makes you even more happy.

Hmm...xmlto really seems to be required no longer, it's just a hangover from 
older times.

Regarding the proxy stuff, could it be a problem openssl vs. gnutls? Personally, 
I would be happy if there's a technical reason to prefer openssl over gnutls ;-)

Ah, adding an own user for bitlbee is a very good idea!

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