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[Bug 201006] Review Request: HelixPlayer

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Summary: Review Request: HelixPlayer


------- Additional Comments From gauret free fr  2006-09-19 10:34 EST -------
Michael, I've read that you have many other things to do at the moment, so
here's my take at the modifications :
And the diffs : http://gauret.free.fr/fichiers/rpms/fedora/HelixPlayer.diff

I did not manage to make the build system obey $RPM_OPT_FLAGS, this build system
is much too complicated for me (and it does not look at the env vars).

I think the rest is fixed (except the mixed-use-of-spaces-and-tabs, it's wrong,
there is only tabs to indent)

Michael, if you like the changes, just use them, and HelixPlayer will be good to
import as far as I'm concerned.

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