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[Bug 250504] Review Request: blktrace - block IO tracer

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Summary: Review Request: blktrace - block IO tracer


------- Additional Comments From esandeen redhat com  2007-08-02 13:17 EST -------
> Unfortunately that URL in comment 3 is 404 for me.

*sigh* fat fingered the rsync.  It's there now.

> One other thing I noticed is that the package naming is a bit weird.  I guess it
> comes from upstream, though upstream doesn't have the "git" tacked on at the
> end.  And what's the "62628" mean, anyway?  I don't really see it as a 
> problem, though.

Upstream is something like "blktrace-git-20070730162628.tar.gz"

162628 is a timestamp, 16:26:28.  It's how the snap from the upstream tarball is
named.  I put "git" on the end just trying to follow some of the "pre-release
naming conventions" I found on the wiki.  I could use a git hash instead if
preferred...  since there is no release on this upstream package, I'm not really
sure how to do the versioning.  I'm open to any suggestions.

I'm also considering skipping the latex->pdf part of the build process, would
lighten up the build & chroot setup a bit, for a little hacker tool like this. 
There are already man pages & a README.



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