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[Bug 226109] Merge Review: ltrace

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Summary: Merge Review: ltrace


------- Additional Comments From pmachata redhat com  2007-09-12 13:55 EST -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> X the package must meet the Packaging Guidelines
>   - please add %{?_smp_mflags} to the make command
>   - the line before %configure doesn't seem to be necessary. If it is, please
> add a comment. Also would be nice to have a comment for the relro linker flag

relro flag is not really useful
the line fetching -m32/-m64 from RPM_OPT_FLAGS is necessary because the build
machinery doesn't honor CFLAGS/LDFLAGS everywhere, and the compiler then may try
to mix 32bit and 64bit objects.  It doesn't happen in koji, but it may happen on
the machine in the wild.  (And actually happens of the one I have in hand.)

I think there are some testsuite failures ATM.  I'll look at these and see if I
can fix them, but I seem to recall they were related to building in koji.  Since
there is no mechanism to grab a build root and experiment inside, it's quite
hard to debug such problems. I'll enable the suite if possible.

I commited the rest of recommended cleanups, but didn't build the package.

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