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[Fedora-packaging] Introduction


I'm the sucker who volunteered to head up RPM Standards and Practices
for Fedora Extras. I'd like to make a few things clear, before we get to
the good stuff:

Check your egos at the door. If all you feel like doing is posturing,
flaming, or mocking, this is NOT the list to do it in (I hear
fedora-list is nice this time of year). If I think you're being more of
a nuisance than an asset, I will warn you, then kick you off the list if
you continue. I hope it doesn't come to that.

Keep an open mind, and back up your opinions. Disagree, but do so

Be patient with me. I have a wife, a linux distribution, and a full time
job that has nothing to do with Fedora Extras. I wasn't involved in the
fedora.us period, so don't assume I know anything.

I am not interested in overhauling the existing RPM standards and
practices. My task is to identify and document the existing standards
and practices, highlight problems in the Fedora Extras packaging world,
get them solved in a maintainable fashion.

Thanks in advance for your help and time,

Tom "spot" Callaway: Red Hat Sales Engineer || GPG Fingerprint: 93054260
Fedora Extras Steering Committee Member (RPM Standards and Practices)
Aurora Linux Project Leader: http://auroralinux.org
Lemurs, llamas, and sparcs, oh my!

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