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[Fedora-packaging] perl-* package naming clarification


I'd like to clarify the perl-* section of the package naming guidelines
a bit.  Currently, it talks about stuff like "the CPAN name of the perl
module" and colons and dashes.

What's "the perl module"?  While this question can often be answered by
deciding the "main" module in a CPAN module distribution, it's
unnecessary and doesn't really match the practices already applied for a
long time (for example perl-libwww-perl).

Since the unit of CPAN packaging is really a CPAN module _distribution_,
I think that section of the should be simplified to say that the
packages should almost always be named perl-$CPANDIST.  The only
exception would be the rare cases where a CPAN module distribution needs
to be chopped into smaller subpackages; in those cases the split ones
should be called perl-$CPANDIST-$somethingdescriptive.


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