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Re: [Fedora-packaging] RFC: init script naming

Leszek Matok (Lam Lam pl) said: 
> I still don't get why "sendmail" is good for package name and an init.d
> script name and "apache" is not. Sendmail is an MTA and I should start
> any MTA using for example "service smtpd start".

Leads to file conflicts.

> Apache HTTP Server
> (see, it even doesn't contain "HTTPD" in its name!) is HTTP daemon, but
> not the only one out there, so while "service httpd start" looks good,
> the package name isn't good at all.

httpd is required as part of the apache trademark stuff, IIRC.

> Alternatively, can't something like /etc/alternatives be used if many
> httpds/mtas/whatever are installed? Or even a multi-daemon system, where
> I have one /etc/init.d/httpd which can start any number of http daemons
> using their init scripts if they are configured
> (like /etc/init.d/network starts many interfaces depending on their
> configuration)?

Alternatives should be used less, not more. :)


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