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Re: [Fedora-packaging] Mono Packaging Issues

On 6/12/06, Paul <paul all-the-johnsons co uk> wrote:

> 1. Redefining libdir for mono packages:
> If mono and its tools cannot find a library on a 64bit architecture when
> it lives in %{_libdir} (/usr/lib64), then mono is fundamentally broken
> on that architecture, and needs to be fixed. This is a serious flaw, and
> I will not have us doing ugly hacks in spec files to work around mono's
> ineptitude. Every other core component is able to handle this, this bug
> should be filed and fixed.

I've moaned about this until I'm blue in the face on the mono-devel
lists for almost 8 months now (basically since I moved to 64 bit
architecture) and there doesn't seem to be any real desire to do

I think the problem has been disguised by how SuSE package mono
applications. In their somewhat insane spec files, they define all mono
packages as being noarch, which means everything goes into /usr/lib
rather than anywhere else.

This, to me, is as bad a hack as my libdir one.

I have a feeling that the only way it will get fixed is if one of us
sits down and fixes the problem. It could possibly be just a quick
change to the configure.ac scripts so that /usr/lib is set as libdir in

It sounds like what is needed is another variable which determines
where the arch-independent code for mono goes.  libdir would have its
normal arch-dependent meaning, /usr/lib or /usr/lib64.  The new
variable, lets call it monodir for example, would always be

There will always be packages which use libdir for installing shared
libraries and mono code and using libdir for both purposes will always
create problems.

- Ian

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