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[Fedora-packaging] Re: Build Error (Job 11111): dejavu-fonts-2_7_0-0_16_943~20060614svn_fc6 on fedora-development-extras

Le vendredi 16 juin 2006 à 13:38 -0400, buildsys fedoraproject org a
écrit :
> Job failed on arch noarch
>          Build logs may be found at http://buildsys.fedoraproject.org/logs/fedora-development-extras/11111-dejavu-fonts-2.7.0-0.16.943~20060614svn.fc6/

Well either something strange is happening, or the buildsys does not
like my alphatag.

If the buildsys does not like ~, what separator could I use ?
I need to construct an alphatag out of svn number, svn date, svn string

For obvious reasons :
- svn number and svn date must be separated,
- the separator must be part of the base latin block
- - is taken as rpm field separator
- . is taken as in-field separator
- : is taken as epoch separator
- _ is ugly, and besides CVS flattens . in _ when making up tags, so it
would collide with .

~ was nice and even defined as separator character in the Gnome
character map, but it seems it's a no-go too

Any ideas ?


Nicolas Mailhot

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