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[Fedora-packaging] UTF-8 Encoding update


After some correspondence with Nicolas Mailhot on -maintainers, we
arrived at some updated wording for UTF-8 (Encoding and Filename).  Do
we need to approve the wording changes?  If so it would be nice to vote
on list as I don't think there's any changes to the spirit of the
guideline, just clarifications in language::

== Encoding ==
Unless you need to use characters outside the
[http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Ascii_full.png ASCII
repertoire], you will not need to be concerned about the encoding of the
spec file. If you do need non-ASCII characters, save your spec files as
UTF-8.  If you're in doubt as to what characters are ASCII, please refer
to [http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Ascii_full.png this chart].

=== Non-ASCII Filenames ===
Similarly, filenames that contain non-ASCII characters must be encoded
as UTF-8. Since there's no way to note which encoding the filename is
in, using the same encoding for all filenames is the best way to ensure
users can read the filenames properly. If upstream ships filenames that
are not encoded in UTF-8 you can use a utility like convmv (from the
convmv package) to convert the filename in your %install section. 


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