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[Fedora-packaging] Stopping the mandatory buildroot insanity

So we voted on a new *mandatory* buildroot. By now people saw that the
previous *mandatory* buildroot entered the guidelines and started
blocking new packages requiring the old *mandatory* buildroot.

I don't know what fesco did last week on ratifying or not the new
buildroot, and either way people will think differently on any single
buildroot. Perhaps buildroots are the most unimportant piece of s**t
with the most polarized parties.

Now who's idea was it to have a *MANDATORY* buildroot at all?</rhetoric>

Most of the FPC are fed up and have often stated that the buildroot
guidelines should be simple "If it works, have it".

Plain and simple:

  Request for voting on dropping the *mandatory* from the guidelines
  and explicitely cast it into a *suggestion*


The first other five positive voters get a free beer when I meet
them (we never said that committee members could not be bribed, or do
we need a guideline for that? ;)
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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