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Re: [Fedora-packaging] Updates to Eclipse Plugin packaging guidelines

* Mary Ellen Foster <mefoster gmail com> [2008-12-08 10:53]:
> On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 3:53 PM, Andrew Overholt <overholt redhat com> wrote:
> > I have a few updates to the Eclipse Plugin packaging guidelines.  They
> > include some clarifications, typos, and updates for Eclipse 3.4.x.  The
> > only bit of real substance is modifying the template to note how we're
> > using the dropins mechanism for plugin installation in 3.4.x and above.
> (Resurrecting this thread ...) So if I'm trying to package an Eclipse
> plugin now (http://vimplugin.org), I should follow this advice and put
> the jar file in the "dropins" directory, *regardless* of the version
> of Fedora? That is, is 3.4.x the "live" version on all versions?

No, just for Fedora 10.  I guess you'll have to have %if sections for
older releases if you want to release on them.

> NB: These changes don't seem to have been applied yet -- I was looking
> at the Wiki page earlier today and it clearly still had the old
> version.

Yeah, I don't know what the procedure is to get changes actually


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