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[Fedora-packaging] Haskell packages

Someone has bombed the package review queue with a bunch of GHC
(Haskell) packages.  Actually, they're not really actual packages,
just spec files and patches that he wants us to assemble.  Hopefully
we can get that worked out, but the larger issue of Haskell packaging

I recalled that we briefly considered Haskell packaging after the last
fudcon, but nothing came of it.  Should we block Haskell packages like
we blocked Java (and various language packages before it)?  Do we have
anyone that's still interested in developing Haskell guidelines?

I have essentially no knowledge of Haskell, so it should be obvious
that I'm not the best person to do this.  However, all of the
submissions were generated mechanically so I suspect that at least a
portion of them could just be reviewed mechanically.  I made a few
comments to one of the tickets,
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=451413, and
hopefully the submissions will get cleaned up into a reviewable state.
But we still need to cecide whether or not we want to block them until
guidelines are ready.

 - J<

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