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[Fedora-packaging] Re: New packager question

On Mon, 19 May 2008 09:40:02 +0800, Gregory Hosler wrote:

> First question: What is the procedure when there are changes to the spec
> file ?

You can just edit the spec file directly in your cvs working copy and then 
"cvs commit" it.  Yeah, it isn't directly clear in the howto, although 
step 2 does mention "cvs add"ing files.

> Next, as I study PackageMaintainers/UpdatingPackageHowTo and my cvs
> area, in my cvs area I see {common, CVS, devel, EL-4, EL-5, F-7, F-8,
> F-9} CVS I understand. and I understand that the {EL-4, EL-5, F-7, F-8,
> F-9} sub dirs are for the different fedora/epel repos. I'm lacking some
> clarity as to the migration of files from devel to {EL-4, EL-5, F-7,
> F-8, F-9}, and/or {common}
> I am gathering that changes are done in devel first, and then after they
> build correctly, those changes/updates are then applied to the
> respective branch from {EL-4, EL-5, F-7, F-8, F-9}, one at a time. Is
> this correct ?

If you mean that the changes happen automatically and flow from devel->EL, 
they don't... It's up to you to make changes in each of the different 
branches and then commit them separately.  Use your best judgment as to 
when and where to update for the different versions (there is a guideline 
page about this somewhere, but i can't seem to find it in the wiki).  EPEL 
is optional by the way, although I'm sure they'd love the help.

> now, the pc I'm using for development is presently F-8, i386; How do I
> verify a package for other platforms, other hardware ? I have heard of
> mock, koji, and have been to the relevant wiki pages. I'm more needing
> some step-by-step guidance, as to what needs to be done, and the order
> of things :)

there are some helpful make targets in your cvs checkout. type "make help":
scratch-build	Request scratch build of "xxx" for dist-f10
scratch-build-<archs>	Request scratch build of "xxx" for dist-f10 and 
archs <archs>
		examples:  make scratch-build-i386,ppc64
			   make scratch-build-x86_64
mockbuild	Local test build using mock

those make targets aren't really a step by step guide but they should 
"just work", (note: I actually haven't ever tried them :P).  I have a 
local mock install that i setup manually some time ago that i use by hand 
and scratch-builds are a relatively recent thing.  welcome aboard.

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