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[Fedora-packaging] libgdiplus-devel subpackage


Currently libgdiplus is broken into devel and the main package as per
the packaging rules. However, the .so.0 files in the main package
symlink to the -devel, so without the -devel subpackage, libgdiplus has

In mono, this is fixed (kind of) by having mono-winforms requiring
libgdiplus-devel (which pulls in libgdiplus if it's not already
installed). Not the best solution, but one which works. Obviously, this
can't be used for libgdiplus.

Given the nature of libgdiplus can an exception be made to this package
so the .so file is bundled with the main package as well as the .pc
file? I know it breaks the packaging regs, but I can't think of another
way around it.



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