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Re: perl FC3 update coming

> Jose Pedro Oliveira wrote:
>> Warren,
>>>As soon as somebody figures out how to cleanup this patch for FC3 perl,
>>>we will issue a FC3 update.  Until then please propose other known fixes
>>>to patch FC3 perl.
>> Other fixes:
>> * [HIGH] replace the findbin-selinux patch
>> * [LOW] update the CGI module from version 3.05 to version 3.10
>>   (mod_perl 2 related)
>> jpo
> Huh?  Is pushing mod_perl 2 really a good idea for FC3?

No.  Just trying to play safe: this may avoid CGI/mod_perl related
bugzilla entries from ppl that will upgrade the FC3 mod_perl 2 beta
version to the final version.


PS - Any particular reason why the ticket #127023 [1] is offlimits for
normal users? The perl5 maintainers can't view the ticket history
and it would be nice to redirect them  there for additional information.
There is also an open ticket in the perl5 bug system that is also related
to the old findbin-selinux patch (perl 5 bug #30507).

[1] 127023 – perl fails "lib/FindBin" test (breaks MRTG)
José Pedro Oliveira
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