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[Bug 160728] irssi missing files

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Summary: irssi missing files
Alias: irssi_and_perl


idarlund stud hive no changed:

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------- Additional Comments From idarlund stud hive no  2005-06-21 16:19 EST -------
A friend of me was the first to discover this bug. And the first to fix it, hehe ;)

Here is what we did:
1) when we tryed to load script module we got an error that libscript_core.so
didn't exist
2) since he is a curious person he just tryed /load aaa, then he got this
strange message; libaaa_core.so was not found.
3) This seemed pretty strange so he desided to take a look in the
/usr/lib/irssi/modules/ folder to see what files it contained, we found
libfe_perl.so and libperl_core.so.
4) You've probably figured out by now what we did; /load perl :) as simply as
that. Irssi loaded:
22:06 -!- Irssi: Loaded module perl/core
22:06 -!- Irssi: Loaded module perl/fe
5) /script load my_1337_script.pl :)

Anyway.. we don't know yet why the compiling didn't work. And to the Fedora
team; why didn't FC4-extras-irssi load the perl module after the first install?
It did in the dag repo for FC3..

Hope this helps for all the other peoples that get the same errors as we got.

Btw. Sorry my bad english. Hope you all atleast understand it =)

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