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Re: [Bug 230608] missing config.h in latest -14

On Mon, 2007-03-05 at 10:42 -0600, Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:

> Well, as Joe pointed out (when he wasn't name-calling), CPAN does depend
> on ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
> So, we can do the following:
> * Move ExtUtils::MakeMaker to its own package. Move CPAN to its own
> package. Have the CPAN package depend on ExtUtils::MakeMaker, have the
> ExtUtils::MakeMaker package depend on perl-devel.
> In functionality, this brings us back to where we began, except that
> now, default installs (just perl) will not get CPAN.
> * Move ExtUtils::MakeMaker and CPAN to perl-devel. Again, default
> installs (just perl) won't get CPAN.
> * The third option is to move config.h back into perl, and document this
> as an exception case.

CPAN isn't the only thing:

[spot localhost perl-5.8.8]$ grep -r "require ExtUtils::MakeMaker" *
lib/CPAN.pm:        require ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
lib/CPAN.pm:    require ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
lib/ExtUtils/Embed.pm:#require ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
lib/ExtUtils/Embed.pm:    require ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
lib/ExtUtils/t/backwards.t:require ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
lib/ExtUtils/MM.pm:require ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
utils/perlbug.PL:        require ExtUtils::MakeMaker;

so, we'd need to handle ExtUtils::Embed and perlbug too. :/

perlbug is really the hardest one. I think we really want that to be in
the base perl package.

The "third option" above, is looking more and more like the cleanest fix
to me. Thoughts?


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