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Re: Splitting out CPAN, Test::Simple, Test::Harness, ExtUtils::MakeMaker

On Fri, 2007-03-09 at 11:28 -0500, Robin Norwood wrote:

> Looks pretty good to me at first glace - I'm not totally convinced we
> want to do this right now though...I'd like to get some more discussion
> on the list first.
> We'll probably want to re-enable 'make test' at some point, too. ;-)
> Since this isn't quite done yet, how about:
> o I build a perl with all the changes except this one, including a
> 'Requires: perl-devel' for the main perl package.
> o We let people chime in on your changes over the weekend.
> o If people like these changes, we'll get them into rawhide next week.

It seems reasonable to me. There are some minor cosmetic changes I'd
like to make (perl_version as opposed to perl_vers, use perl_version
everywhere, macroize the other versions so they're easily fixable with
new perl releases).

I was initially concerned about circular deps (perl-devel will require
all of these new subpackages), but perl won't need them as
BuildRequires, so it should be ok.


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