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Re: [Fedora-php-devel-list] Pear in EL-4

Brandon Holbrook a écrit :
> All, it doesn't look like anyone has attempted to branch their pear
> packages for EL-4.
The actual template for pear extension Requires pear >= 1:1.4.9-1.2

Previous pear were really buggy for packaging.
A lot of stuff has been made to get this template.

> I received a request recently for Mail_Mime to be included in EL-4 as
> a dependency for roundcube
> (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=225575). 
> However, I am quickly finding out this isn't just a simple
> branch-and-build.  It looks like the php-pear package in core is still
> arch-specific and built from php's srpm...
It's arch because build from the php SRPM, but really noarch.
> which puts up major roadblocks for making pear packages noarch and
> dependent on the rpm-version of PEAR instead of PHP.
> Has anyone attempted to build pear packages on top of EL-4's existing
> pear package?  Would it (ideally) be possible to build a new
> php-pear.noarch RPM as part of epel?  There is already a 1.4.11 RPM in
> the centosplus repo that is exactly what we need.
This php-pear-1.4.11 is probably provided to works with php-5.1.6 also
in this repo.

RHEL also provides this in the "Red Hat Web Application Stack" channel
(to be verified, i only see php-5.1.2 and pear-1.4.6 on the beta
channel, but i know php-5.1.6 is available as we use it in my company)
but without support AFAIK.

I don't think update from arch to noarch is supported in EL4 (i remember
the problem on FC3 which requires a special yum configuration)
> If not, we need to decided on a new pear policy for EL4, either no
> pear packages or craft a new arch-specific spec file template.
For the RPM i maintained, i choose to push them only on EL5,
But of course, i'm ok to investigated on this issue.

I will prefer to say php-pear extensions are provided for php-5.1.6 /
pear-1.4.11 (RH Web. App Stack or CentOS Plus)


> -Brandon

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