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[Fedora-r-devel-list] Automatic rebuild of R derived packages on every new major version.


A new version of R is approaching, R 2.4.0 is scheduled for the first days of 

When version 2.4 is recompiled we need to recompile all the packages that 
depend on R.

rpy needs to be compile for every new 2.4.x release, but R packages only need 
to be release for each x.y.0 release.

  That is exactly what happens with python, every package needs to be rebuild 
because pyc files depend on a major version.

  Python does not present any major problem since the core of the language is 
in Core, and every new version only appears once in the Core release and only 
minor updates are allowed during the distribution life time.

  R core language is in Extras and the correct way to build a new version is 
to rebuild the core language and then the different packages according to its 

  This procedure is tedious and error prone, especially as more and more 
packages enter Extras. Would it be possible to automate to some extent this 

  I guess that this procedure could be of interest for other languages that 
don't go in Core.

  Should I bring this issue to Extras or Packagers mailing list, since this 
problem seems general enough and not only limited to R.

  What do other think?
José Abílio

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