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Re: [Fedora-r-devel-list] r2spec

Hi Allen

Thanks for all the work done :-)

On Thu, 2009-09-03 at 16:42 -0400, Allen S. Rout wrote:
> + Takes R package metadata from repositories directly through
>   available.packages.  Can load from many repos at once.

Is it still able to fetch information from the package itself (if you
suddenly want to build the spec without internet connection) ?

> + Cleanly handles multi-line fields in package metadata
> + Uses a single template for specfile, instead of two long functions
>   with literal strings.
>   + Permits template to be specified on the command line
> + String manipulation by regexp instead of iterated 'replace' and such.
That's for sure better than the crap I was using :)

> + Recursively chases Depends
>   + including across repositories (i.e. CRAN depends on BioC)
>   + Or Depends and Suggests, and Imports and Extends.
> There's a lot more to this.  Separate topic, separate post. 
I'm not sure here, why recursively chase the depends when you want to
build a single RPM ?

> + Maintains a dependency graph to permit building an automated rpmbuild order.
That's a cool feature :)

> [ toy additions ] 
> outputs GraphViz (dot format) illustrations of dependency graphs.

I have a script that does it for the entire bioconductor repo.

> I know this is lots and lots of change. I hope you don't see it as
> encroaching.
It's not GPL for nothing ;-)

IMHO R2spec is really a tool that should keep doing what it is good at,
generating spec file.
However I could see the need for another tool that allows to
generate/build spec/rpm in a recursive manner. Basically allowing
sysadmin to build an entire repo easily.
Something for which you would do:
tool --build http://link/to/some/package.tar.gz
and which would generate all the spec file needed in order to be able to
build this package.

But then again, it's just my opinion and it can be worth to just have
everything in one tool instead of splitting :-)

Best regards,


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