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[relnotes] [Bug 185788] RELNOTES - Better explanation of PostgreSQL upgrade

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Summary: RELNOTES - Better explanation of PostgreSQL upgrade


------- Additional Comments From nsoranzo tiscali it  2006-03-24 10:05 EST -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> > My proposed modification doesn't add anything new, 
> > just rephrases and clarifies one paragraph! Also 
> > this upgrade method is used in PostgreSQL since 
> > version 6.0, I've just checked all the release notes.
> Regardless, it relies upon application-specific methodology that was different
> in the past and could be different in the future.

It wasn't different in the past (only there's no available documentation for
versions before 6.0 to check), but could surely be different in the future.

> Your change makes the [Tip] go from a static piece of useful content directing
> users to the upstream documentation, to a piece of content that needs to be
> validity checked for every future release.

BTW, I've never asked to delete the directions to go to the URL!

> We already need to update that upgrade URL for (probably) each release, but it
> is a single change that gets us the benefit of _all_ of the upstream content on
> the subject without causing us to duplicate the content writing and publication
> efforts.

The back up/restore process is not necessary at every FC upgrade, since major
versions of PostgreSQL are released every 10-13 months. So in any case we need
to check the validity of the actual version of the statement.

> I'm closing this bug as NOTABUG because the original situation is not a defect
in the document.

Ok, but to me it's still not clear that you have to back up _before_ upgrading
Fedora, so I'll try anyway to suggest an enhancement, please consider it and let
me know. Substitute this:

"Fedora Core 4 provided version 8.0 of PostgreSQL. If you upgrade an existing
Fedora system with a PostgreSQL database, you must upgrade the database to
access the data.
To upgrade a database from a previous version of PostgreSQL, follow the
procedure described at


"Before upgrading an existing Fedora Core system with a PostgreSQL database, it
could be necessary to follow the procedure described at
http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.1/interactive/install-upgrading.html. Otherwise
the data may be not accessible by the new version of PostgreSQL."

My sentence works for all the previous versions of FC/PgSQL and works also if
the internal data format hasn't changed. Only the URL must be updated for new FC

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